Americans lust for Syrian blood, U.S. air force and Daesh deliver

The U.S. missile attack on the al-Shayrat airfield saw cheers and praise from much of the American population, who were ecstatic to see footage of U.S. Navy ships in the eastern Mediterranean firing Tomahawks which ultimately destroyed several fighter jets and killed multiple Syrian Army personnel as ‘punishment’ for a chemical attack that was supposedly orchestrated by the SAA, for which there isn’t any evidence besides unreliable eyewitness accounts and entirely-biased accusations from the Syrian ‘opposition’.

The American mainstream media, which had insisted since 2015 that Trump was a threat to the United States and to the whole of humanity, lined up in support of Trump’s order to attack the Syrian airfield with more than fifty missiles. Apparently these people were terrified of the possibility that a Trump administration might be more diplomatic and might drop less bombs on the Global South, but were relieved to see that the United States would continue to bomb and kill as usual. As the American population is known for having a taste for mysticism and fiction, the media also promoted various conspiracy theories of the most nonsensical nature.

As U.S. politics fell into complete delusion and chaos in the wake of the missile attack, the situation in the Homs region of Syria deteriorated as Daesh took advantage of the destruction of Syrian fighter planes and attacked SAA checkpoints near Palmyra. Daesh forces assumed that a lack of air support would render the Syrian Army unable to hold them back, but they were nevertheless defeated and forced to retreat. It is expected, however, that Daesh will make new attempts to expand its territory as the Syrian armed forces recover and reorganize after the U.S. attack. This means that the United States ultimately helped Daesh by hurting the Syrian Army’s ability to fight against them. U.S. forces helping Daesh by attacking the Syrian Army is not a new phenomenon, as air forces of the U.S.-led coalition have attacked Syrian forces in the past as the latter tried to defend territory from Daesh, killing hundreds of Syrian soldiers and enabling terrorist forces to advance.

Today, the United States bombed an internet cafe near the Daesh capital of Raqqa, which killed and injured many dozens of civilians who were likely browsing the Web when the building they were in was bombed. This airstrike helps to indicate how much the United States actually cares about the lives and livelihoods of Syrians. The imperialists kill dozens of Syrians while claiming to avenge dozens of Syrians. It is clear for all, except the most ignorant and self-indulgent ‘leftists’ in the First World empire strongholds, that there is only one way out of this carnage and that is the victory of the Syrian government and the Syrian Army.

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