Useful idiots: “Anti-fascism” vs. Anti-imperialism

On Saturday, Richard B. Spencer and other members of the ‘alt-right’ political movement organized to protest the war against Syria in Washington, D.C. To the shame of much of the American ‘left’, members of the ‘alt-right’ were among the earliest to condemn the United States’ missile attack on Syria and took the correct position of siding with the Syrian government, to the point of revoking their support for Trump, while circles of anarchists, Trotskyists and ‘Maoists’ have made ridiculous statements ranging from support for no side in the war (which objectively translates to support for U.S. imperialism) to supporting the YPG or the terrorist forces who are part of the ‘Syrian Revolution’, both being tools of imperialism to destroy Syria and exploit the Syrian masses.

Spencer switched his endorsement from Trump to Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat representative from Hawaii who sided with the Syrian government and currently opposes U.S. involvement in Syria, while others like Mike Cernovich called on his supporters to protest the war by calling the White House en masse. This is certainly more than what most ‘leftists’ in the U.S. have done or would do, even as the masses of the Global South and their governments have backed Syria and its right to self-determination.

The failure of the ‘left’ to side with the Syrian government objectively means support for U.S. imperialism, because these are the only two options that actually exist. Empty calls for “workers’ unity” do not change that. Either the secular government of Syria that is independent of U.S. imperialism and continues to hold popular mandate will prevail and rebuild Syria, or the country will be divided up and destroyed among reactionary terrorist forces the way that Iraq and Libya were.

Members of the ‘alt-right’, having understood this, came to Pennsylvania Avenue to oppose the war and agitate in support of the Syrian government and the Syrian masses, holding up signs showing Trump’s hypocrisy and signs that say “Hands off Syria”, the slogan that is currently in use throughout the Global South. How did the ‘antifa’ members who were also there respond to this? Did they join forces with them to make for one mighty united protest against the U.S. government and its war on Syria in front of the White House? No. They began protesting against the anti-war protesters and tried to start a fight with them. They then bragged about their anti-anti-war actions and tried to depict them as progressive. Even when the ‘alt-right’ wants to uphold a correct line and agitate towards that, the immature and self-centered members of ‘antifa’ would rather fight them than to practice unity and struggle and have their anti-war efforts be meaningful.

This not only demonstrates a failure to understand the value of strategic collaboration with different groups to promote a common cause, but also shows how unwilling the American ‘left’ is to challenge its bourgeoisie in imperialist wars against exploited countries. There is no future with the First World ‘left’, only the masses of the Global South can liberate themselves.

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